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Fran Iglesias
Fran Iglesias

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Just published "Aprende TDD", the book

I've just published Aprende Test Driven Development, a book in Spanish to help you to learn TDD by practice, covering all topics related, even outside-in mockist style vs classic style, and how to organize coding-dojos, among others.

The book includes a lot of examples and code exercises explained step by step in several languages, such as PHP, Python, Scala, Ruby, Golang, Kotlin and Javascript.

Currently is available via LeanPub. Nevertheless I'm considering to make printed version in Lulu.

Also, if there are enough people interested, I'm open to translate it into English.

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Emmanuel Valverde Ramos

Printed version +1

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Fran Iglesias

:-D I'm waiting for a printed proof to see quality and review problems, but I'm pretty confident that in a couple of weeks I could announce the Spanish printed edition.