🙁 Uber Eats Ruined My Life - Solved with NodeJS

Freddy J. Diaz on February 22, 2020

Hey guys! I've been spending over $600 bucks per month in Uber Eats. My mentality was "Spend less time doing low-effort stuff, and more time codin... [Read Full]
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It's certainly an interesting programming story, have you found it to be effective?

I hope this is part of a devotion to a healthy lifestyle in general where you don't take anything too far.

Spend less time doing low-effort stuff, and more time coding and making MVP's of my projects

I'm definitely vulnerable to this kind of all-or-nothing mentality sometimes. Best of luck in working through this!


I got to a point where it does make sense to order Uber Eats; the $600 per month save's me around 30+ hours of work that I would spend in the kitchen.

The results so far :

  • I've got a raise from my excellent job and a decent bonus
  • So far I've done five startups that have failed horribly

In exchange for 28+ pounds, and I found my self getting slower at learning.


No amount of job raises substitutes unhealthy living, that can end up with dire consequences. Think about the trade offs.


I get your point that spending less time in the kitchen can be invested in developing the next MVP but damn. I enjoy cooking so much, I feel like it is a way of meditating, sorting your thoughts a bit. A bit of downtime helps to refresh the mind and have a kick start afterwards and you can impress people ;)


Lmao are you me from another universe? I have the exact same process in place for when I'm about to visit something NSFW.


Lol I had to register to comment here, how in eath did you spent that money in just uber eats


Why is this here? Did you type it by accident? 🤔


Fixed. Yes, I wrote that while testing the script lmao. Thank you, Leonardo!


body: 'I am about to spend 20$ in uber eats, why the fuck are you letting me do this


I think your body's trying to tell you something, m8.

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