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Freddy J.
Freddy J.

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πŸ™ Uber Eats Ruined My Life - Solved with NodeJS

Hey guys!

I've been spending over $600 bucks per month in Uber Eats. My mentality was "Spend less time doing low-effort stuff, and more time coding and making MVP's of my projects"

So I thought it was going to be fun project to make a script that will listen to my keystrokes and bully me every time I try to go inside of "Uber eats."

Here is a quick youtube video explaining the whole thing:
How I solved uber eats with code video

For some PC's you will be required to use sudo when you run this script.

// Twilio API and a Key logger  for mac
const client = require('twilio')(twilio_sid, twilio_token);
const GK = require('global-keypress');

// we start the keylogger for mac-os 10.5
const gk = new GK();

// the word we are looking for 
const word = 'uber'
let wordBuilder = ''

// lets find it.
gk.on('press', data => {

    if (word[wordBuilder.length] === {
        wordBuilder +=;
        if (word === wordBuilder) {
                    body: 'I am about to spend 20$ in uber eats, why the fuck are you letting me do this -',
                    from: 'whatsapp:+' + from_number,
                    to: 'whatsapp:+' + mom,
                .then(message => console.log(message.sid))
    } else {
        wordBuilder = ''
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Thank you for reading my first post on I would appreciate any feedback

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Ben Halpern

It's certainly an interesting programming story, have you found it to be effective?

I hope this is part of a devotion to a healthy lifestyle in general where you don't take anything too far.

Spend less time doing low-effort stuff, and more time coding and making MVP's of my projects

I'm definitely vulnerable to this kind of all-or-nothing mentality sometimes. Best of luck in working through this!

freddyjd profile image
Freddy J.

I got to a point where it does make sense to order Uber Eats; the $600 per month save's me around 30+ hours of work that I would spend in the kitchen.

The results so far :

  • I've got a raise from my excellent job and a decent bonus
  • So far I've done five startups that have failed horribly

In exchange for 28+ pounds, and I found my self getting slower at learning.

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Theofanis Despoudis • Edited

No amount of job raises substitutes unhealthy living, that can end up with dire consequences. Think about the trade offs.

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Sebastian Scheibe

I get your point that spending less time in the kitchen can be invested in developing the next MVP but damn. I enjoy cooking so much, I feel like it is a way of meditating, sorting your thoughts a bit. A bit of downtime helps to refresh the mind and have a kick start afterwards and you can impress people ;)

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Freddy J.


fresoxd profile image

Lol I had to register to comment here, how in eath did you spent that money in just uber eats

freddyjd profile image
Freddy J.

Bro, you already knew.

jochemstoel profile image
Jochem Stoel

Lmao are you me from another universe? I have the exact same process in place for when I'm about to visit something NSFW.

leonardosnt profile image
Leonardo Santos

Why is this here? Did you type it by accident? πŸ€”

freddyjd profile image
Freddy J.

Fixed. Yes, I wrote that while testing the script lmao. Thank you, Leonardo!