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The 30 Days 30 Projects Challenge

On the 26th Dec 2019, I started the #7Days7Projects challenge which I successfully completed on 1st Jan 2020. After then I decided to extend this challenge and do a little bigger 30 days challenge which took me a little longer to complete, I completed this on 8th April (approx. 3 months)πŸ˜‚. But the best thing is I have completed the challenge successfullyπŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ž.


I got inspired by Florin PopπŸ’œ who completed a 100 Days challenge successfully.

The challenge

This challenge is a short version of the 100 Days challenge. The two main rules of this challenge are -

  • Code at least an hour every day and create a small project. It may be a landing page, component or anything related to programming.

  • Share your progress each day on a social network.

You can learn more about it here.

Why it took me so long?

Since I am an engineering student, and I started this challenge just before my semester examinations it was hard for me to do it consistently. But I tried my best and didn't to much pressure on my self and finally, I succeed πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ž.


Below is the list of all my 30 Projects.

Why should I do this challenge?

If you are struggling with your CSS & JavaScript basics and you are a master procrastinator, then this challenge is for you. The main aim of doing this challenge is to develop consistency in yourself.

I recommend you start with a small 7 Days challenge if you are feeling a little intimidated starting a bigger challenge.

But I don't have timeπŸ˜•

It just takes an hour each day. And if you are a working person or a student having classes & assignments to complete and didn't get much time, you can do this during your weekends. Make your own rules but BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

I have also created a GitHub repository for this challenge. Give it a ⭐ if you like.

GitHub logo frikishaan / 30Days30Projects

This repo includes my #30Days30Projects challenge projects.

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