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Holidays are almost over 😭 Back to Reality 😱

While some of us might be back to work already after a glorious holiday, some of us will be back after the New Year's holiday and will face the inevitable. I am one of the latter and is definitely not quite ready yet.

I am curious on what did you do during the long holiday - either personal and professional wise. Below is my story.

  1. Spent my leave on staycation. I hang out with the family and in-laws. Lots of shopping and ice skating.

  2. Ate a bunch of unhealthy food I shouldn't be eating - more than what I imagined. Major diet after New Year to follow. 😊

  3. Finally, wrote couple of ReactJS articles here at and created a video version that I am very proud of (still honing my video recording skills). Below are the links if you want to check it out.

Thanks for the community for a great, warm support of the articles.

Advance React Interview Questions
Basic React Interview Questions

So, that is my story. What is yours - No right/wrong answers.

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Sandilya Bhamidipati

I did something very similar to your 1 and 2. For my 3. I spent some time cleaning up my work setup, both the desk and monitor/keyboard setup as well as the tools I use on a day to day basis like skhd. I also spent quite a bit of time reading about Rust and starting writing code. I never got time for it so now was the time to learn.

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Let's Code

looking into Rust during the holidays is definitely a good use of your extra time.

Jack Dorsey CEO of both Square and Twitter said that Rust is a great language. What is your experience and how do you like it?