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Francois Falala-Sechet
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Language Playgrounds are Cool

A few years ago, we've built an open-source programming language called CSML, that makes it super easy to build powerful chatbots. It's a complete programming language, with loops, conditions, variables etc., and it is super easy to learn as it is close to human language (say stuff, remember stuff, do stuff). It helps handling the conversation state, the user's memory, connexions with 3rd-party APIs...

However, to test it, you need to download a package from Github, find out how to install it, setup your machine and local environment developments... all of which make it hard to simply get started with the language.

So we decided to create an open, browser-based, no-install, no-login IDE. You get the kind of immediate WYSIWYG experience: code something, build, run, see what works (and what doesn't). It's a great place to learn and test your ideas.

Many languages have one, even the hard ones: Rust has, Go has, etc. Then there are the obvious ones, like Codepen or Glitch, for the more common languages. In my opinion, all languages should have one. It makes learning the language a breeze!

If you want to try out CSML, you can do so on our brand new Playground:

And if you want, you can also support us and leave a review on our Product Hunt launch:

Hope you enjoy programming languages as much as I do 🤓!

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