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What is your favorite IDE

For me IntelliJ for java, VS code for everything else. what is your favorite?

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🦄 Sebastiano • Edited

My short adventure with code writing tools 💻

👑 My favorite heroes on the stage are Visual Studio Code and VIM

A long time ago in prehistoric times there was a Notepad++ and before that a Notepad. During my adventure with programming in general, I worked with such IDEs as Eclipse or CodeBlocks.

The first code editor that changed something in my perception of the world was Sublime Text. This was the beginning of another look at code writing. Now, however, probably not surprise many when I say that the tool in which I write not only code has become VS Code.

From time to time I start Atom, which accompanied me just before discovering the Visual Studio Code and sometimes I come back to it.

It is worth mentioning VIM, which I often use when editing files in the terminal and I had some moments of fear with it but it gradually turns into fascination.

To be continued? 😅

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Frederick Jaime

Vscode, I used visual studio for a .net project and fell in love with the ide, vscode is a light version of it.

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Jetbrains - PHP Storm . I love it, know it inside out for years , esp the intellisense and has all the features I need and much more it makes me very productive.
Sometimes I use VSCode too, alongside for typescript or JS only projects, but for the mix of Frontend with PHP I have in my usual projects.
I happy pay for this tool and can recommend it.
If one does not do much PHP just Frontend WebStorm from same company might be more then enough for you

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Gayan Hewa

emacs :D

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VS code for react js
Android studio all time favorite for android application development.

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Visual Studio Code Hands Down!
I use it for my Web Development projects and it's Crazy with wide range of extensions and Themes!

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Ben Sinclair

I like VSCodium for its mostly-great debugger and I sometimes use it for coding.

I usually stick with Vim though.

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WebStorm, PhpStorm, and SublimText for fast editing.

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Webstorm for angular and js.
VS code for the other stuff.
When I'm super lazy I just open up codepen or jsfiddle because they have built in preview.

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Dennis Tobar

I use VSCode for Web Develop. I used previously Atom, but VS Code has an amazing product and performance for my stack in my current job.
In Windows, I used NetBeans (now I'm a happy Linux user)

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Khalil Saboor

All with VIM bindings WebStorm, Python Charm, Intellij

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Bogdan Alexandru Militaru

I use VSCode.

If you wanna know useful extensions used by me, daily, please take a look here

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SublimeText for simply edits but now VSCode

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Dev Prakash

Of course vs code

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Sunit Katkar • Edited

Spring STS for all Java and Spring work.

VSCode for JavaScript frameworks