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Write code that has no bugs which I haven’t figured out how to do yet!
I know there’s unit and component testing, both which I get bored writing. So maybe my goal should be “do more intelligent testing”.


As programmers, I believe we all implicitly or explicitly take charge to code truth and purge evil (unless you're a red hat >->); constantly finding innovative ways to express beauty with elegant algorithms and architectures.

But moreover, find a Clojure-centered gig in Japan while making meaningful side projects and international comrades and clients.


It's a little vague, but I'd like to create some kind of product / business that changes the field in the future. Probably should think about it a little more past that 😅


That's a big one, how do you plan on accomplishing it?


I don't think I can accomplish it by myself, but everything I do is somehow related to that. From my college thesis to my personal stuff, I'm sure that's where we heading and we'll see more initiatives like the OPEN system in Seoul.

This is a very interesting part of programming I've never really looked into, I will have to check it out.


Learn and share knowledge. Seems more like a process I can enjoy 😊

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