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Accidental Complexity - Video Notes and Review

The video:

7 minutes, 26 seconds, and the Fundamental Theorem of Agile Software Development
by Joe Rainsberger, from the Agile Lightning Talks (2013-11-07)


accidental complexity
technical debt
spaghetti code
ravioli code
big soupy codebase
plasma ball effect
software rot
BBoM (Big Ball of Mud)

The Notes (with my own added):

essential complication
accidental complication
total complication
TC = EC + AC

Accidental Complication, or
Accidental Complexity

cut corners
feel pressure
have to get it out the door

reduce AC
squeeze out AC


  • think
  • write a test
  • ask, how much does this test suck?

write just enough code to make it pass

clean the kitchen

  • refactor a bit now
  • because if we don't clean the kitchen, then we have to clean the garage


  • is how you reduce AC

To estimate, you have to refactor.
SCRUM cannot work without XP.

My personal review:

vague, no specifics, no examples
mostly platitudes and generalizations
no formulas, no metrics, no measurement strategies
selling his TDD course indirectly
aimed at the beginner to intermediate programmer

Summary and Takeaways:

ABR (Always Be Refactoring) and testing your code

P.S. - Best advice ever for Software Arcitecture :)

Stop building car boats.

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