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My Choice of Browser

First Choice

I use

Vivaldi pros:

  • based on chromium so it supports chrome extensions

  • no google tracking

  • I give it a 9.5 out of 10 for custom keyboard bindings support

  • has the best bookmark organizer (implemented as left pane treeview like a File Explorer) and also dedicated bookmark manager. I've seen no other browser that competes.

  • mouse gestures; the only two I use are going backward (right-hold left click) and forward (left-hold right click) in the current tab's browse history,

Vivaldi cons:

  • has a handful of bugs, but nothing showstopping

  • is slower than Chrome and Chromium, especially with many dozens of tabs open


They have a free web-based email service at

Second Choice

I also recommend the raw chromium browser

brew install chromium

choco install chromium

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