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A Comparison of All Good Things... and Star Trek Picard

The final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation features a few scenes set 25 years into the future. That episode aired May 1994. The newest Star Trek TV show Star Trek Picard has just aired its first episode and this is 25 years and 8 months after that episode. This article may contain minor spoilers for the first episode of Star Trek Picard, you have been warned.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the two time periods.

Fate of Picards crew

In All Good Things... all of Picards crew are still alive except one. Deanna Troi passed away but it is never revealed how.

In Star Trek Picard, we know Data has died as featured in the feature file Star Trek Nemesis. From the trailers we know Riker and Troi are still alive. We do not know the fate of Crusher, LaForge and Worf yet, but I am going to assume they are still alive somewhere.

In both timelines we have one dead crew member.

Living arrangements

In both time lines Picard is living in France at his vineyard.

In All Good Things... we do not know who Picard is living with, it is assumed he lives alone, which is why Geordi feels the need to check on him, once he learns about his Irumodic Syndrome.

In Star Trek Picard we learn that Picard is living with a Romulan couple, due to the involvement Picard made to save the Romulan people when their star went supernova. Picard appears older but for the most part in good health, he can't for example run up a flight of stairs (he is 92 so not surprising really!) and is plagued by dreams from his past.

Romulan Neutral Zone

In All Good Things... there is no Neutral Zone, the Romulan empire has been taken over by the Klingons.

In Star Trek Picard one would assume there is no Neutral Zone as well because the Romulan star system was destroyed. A handful of Romulans survived mostly due to the actions of Picard.


As we have seen Patrick Stewart does not appear to be ageing. Below is a comparison of how he looks in the two time frames.

All Good Things..

Star Trek Picard

I really enjoyed the first episode of Star Trek Picard and it is going to be interesting seeing what other similarities and differences there are between it and All Good Things...

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