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Fylgja a new CSS framework, WHY!

Time to introduce Fylgja a new CSS framework, there are already a lot of CSS frameworks, almost everybody knows Bootstrap, Material and Tailwind.

None of them are bad, each of them does the job, and if one of them fits the way you are working, you're probably happy.

Looking around on you would find articles, describing CSS frameworks and their pros and cons, for example;

The Best is of course opinionated, choose what works for you,
and always check Github to see if there is active development.
A dead framework is not a great investment.

So why! Fylgja, well because its a very good tool for frontenders who understand CSS and need a consistent basis for their projects.

Some history, years ago we started working with Bootstrap 2, using it for frontend design, we developed it as an extend / utility pack to give us tools to work better and faster.

Initially developed with LESS and Grunt we switched to SCSS and GULP, and it became a daily tool for us, read the full story here.

On the road we learned from others and we continuously kept developing it to improve things, and since we are only human and are proud of our product we like to share it with you all.

We put it on Github and released version 1 on 22 June this year, you can find the Website with the documentation on

Of course, we could fill this article with exaggerating marketing text, telling you how good it is, and why we’re the best (we are 😁) but no BS here, Take a look, try it out, use it and contribute if you like.

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A Modular and customizable front-end framework for building UI components for the web.

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