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React Native - Clean Architecture

Hi everyone the last time that I worked in a startup with React Native I found a lot of problems with the scalability and encapsulation of different modules and layers.

The problem

React Native is a framework that you can use to development hybrid mobile applications, so as we know we need a API maybe.. and if this is your case and you have the experience working with this framework. I'm sure that you found problems like this:

crash style

This is a nightmare in big applications because is really difficult to debug, the only way is find in all the code where is the object property that is (undefined | null | any not compatible with the component or styles).

Or in this other case:

crash text

The problem here maybe was a render without the correct data, or some change in the API contract.

 The proposed solution

I study how apply something like Clean Architecture to a react native project and started to build a boilerplate to share with the community.

But this apply to different cases.

  1. If you have a stable backend | api maybe you wanna keep the frontend more easier or lightweight I use something like that:

basic architecture

  1. If you wanna get a stable application, with hard safety layers, testeable and easy to scale but a bigger cost in time.

Clean architecture


  1. For a really big application I recommended separate the app in independiente modules or small applications, like chat, feed, stories... This is more efficient in bigger teams +2 squads or +10 developers. This help to the organization to give more autonomy and as plus more velocity.

Something like that: repo in progress Sorry!

Main resources:

Thanks for reading! all comments all welcome and help me to build betters things to share with you, so pls leave me your comment!

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