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Faiz Azhar
Faiz Azhar

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Datastax AppDev Summer Learning Series

Recently I have completed application development workshops organized by Datastax.

Here's what I learned:

  • how to build a TodoApp with Javascript and React
  • how to build a TikTok clone with JAM stack
  • how to build a Netflix clone with GraphQL

Specifically, using React's create-react-app, I learned how to customize and structure my codes based on the framework. Building on that, I learned how to interact with Cassandra database backend via APIs using Swigger and GraphQL. Finally, I learned how to build the web application and deploy the static files to Netlify along with the serverless functions to retrieve data from the database.

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Instead of using Netlify, I planned to deploy the JAM stack application to Cloudflare Pages and using Cloudflare Workers to handle the serverless functions.
I will write another blog post on that after this project completes!

Here are the links to my TikTok and Netlify clone applications!

Here are my repositories:

Here are the links to the workshop recordings:

  1. Building your first app with Javascript and NodeJS

  2. Build your own TikTok Clone!

  3. Build your own NETFLIX clone!

Here are my badges!


The Golden badge was awarded after successfully completing all the hands-on practice in the workshop and the homework.

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