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re: Native french speaker here. Programming in French is horrible, since every programming language are written in English. We've had many problems at...

Yeah, coding in french is truly horrible (also had to code in french at school) but I feel like sometimes, some concepts are easier to understand when they are in french. But I will never code in french ever again.


I'm agree with you. Coding in french just burns my eyes from the inside 🔥

Fun fact, when I jump into a french car I often ask my self "did the car manufacturer developers coded some stuffs in french here?" like:

const signophiles: boolean = true;
if (signophiles) {
   this.tableauDeBord.lumiere = 'orange';


On the other side, reading a technical book where the explanation are provided in French makes it faster and easier to understand for me.


On a fait la même technique, a la même école!

On s'habitue vite en anglais a force de travailler a tous les jours 😊

Malade! c'est sûr qu'on s'habitue vite! C'est juste que des fois, c'est un peu plus facile de lire de la doc compliqué en français.

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