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Send SMS with Twilio Question

Hello, I am trying to use SMS Api to send a message to a real Romanian phone number and the request fails with this error:
"[o-auto-1-exec-1] c.g.l.c.TwilioMessageCreator : An exception occurred trying to send a message to +40******, exception: The 'To' number +40****** is not a valid phone number."

My question is this, can I use SMS API with a Romanian phone number or not? Thanks for the answer.

Update: I figured it out, I created a new project for a hackathon and I could get a phone number to play with.

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Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza

Did you do this already? verifying the phone number

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Yes, thank you for asking. I found out I didn't start the right way a new project, I had to choose that the project is for a hackathon and not a normal trial account only. I can send an SMS now because I got a trial phone number and I could send an SMS to my own number.