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Gajanan Patil

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Word game

Overview of My Submission

Game made using Deepgram's transcription service and Phaser game framework.

Score by reading out the words you see on screen before they disappear. Try to score as high as possible before time runs out. Difficulty increases with time.

Submission Category:

Gram Gamers

Link to Code on GitHub

GitHub logo gajananpp / word-game

Try to get maximum words before time runs out.

Word Game

Try to get maximum words before time runs out.

Demo GIF


Building from source:

git clone

cd word-game

npm install

# For development
npm run dev

# For production build
npm run build
npm run preview
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Additional Resources / Info

Word game demo GIF


Stack Used:

  • Deepgram STT
  • Phaser game framework
  • Sveltekit with static site adapter to deploy on Github pages

Top comments (6)

moose_said profile image
Mostafa Said

This is very fun to play I must say 👍 well done it's an awesome submission 👏🏻

gajananpp profile image
Gajanan Patil

Thank you !!! 😀

bekahhw profile image

I have played this so many times now. My 12 year old and I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to get past 19.

gajananpp profile image
Gajanan Patil

glad that you enjoyed it. 19 is the 2nd highest score that I know of now after 20 by MC Michael Jolley in yesterday's stream 😂

zainbinfurqan profile image
Zain Ahmed • Edited

Supper cool man, keep it up

arndom profile image
Nabil Alamin

cool game, my accent made it hard for me go over 5 though 😅

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