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Creating Games

Recently, I have found myself wanting more and more to be able to play this game my imagination conjured up, a fast-paced multiplayer strategy game, in which you would be in charge of an entire ant colony, fighting against other ant colonies, gathering resources and becoming the strongest ant colony ever.

The only problem is that unsurprisingly, I couldn't find a game that was similar enough to the one I imagined that could satisfy my peculiar desire to command an army of ants and crush other inferior colonies! This is why, together with my sister and father, I have decided to learn how to create video games.

We are starting by learning how to program in C. Then we intend to develop our skills by making some simple games, and work towards the goal of creating an online multiplayer game based on the ant colony idea. We are writing about our progress here on this blog.

I first got the inspiration for this idea when I was watching a YouTube video made by Kurzgesagt (see below) explaining the life and daily struggle of weaver ants. The weaver ants create cities in the sky, with many castles high in the tree canopy, and bridges connecting to outposts at their borders.

I found it extremely interesting because although each individual is almost mindless, together these incredible ants work as one to accomplish amazing things. The ant colony reminds me of the second most complex system in our bodies, the immune system, where many mindless cells cooperate to defend the body.

Please follow along if you like the idea or are also interested in making games. Thanks for reading!

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