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Hi, I'm Wilfredo

Wilfredo Pérez
Venezuelan guy that loves the technologies, Javascript and reads books. Dad of 2 and Everyday trying to learn something new.
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I have been coding for 9-10 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @GameOverWill (Many of my twits are in Spanish, but I'll change that)

I live in Venezuela.

I work for ISeatz (Remote).

I mostly program in these languages: Javascript, C# and now Swift.

I am currently learning more about Swift and React.

Nice to meet you.

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Saulo Vargas

Hola, perdoname el SPAM, pero es por una buena causa, comencé una pequeña discusión en:

Veo que tenemos objetivos alineados, si quisieras participar en la misma, te agradecería muchísimo!

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Brighton Saldaña

Yeah! Alguien que habla español XD

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Wilfredo Pérez Author

Claro que sí.