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TrackingURLs - A ColdFusion function to parse Shipping Tracking Numbers

Just a quick post regarding TrackingURLs, a ColdFusion CFC to identify shipping tracking numbers (UPS, USPS, Fedex, OnTrac, DHL, S10) and generate a tracking URL.

Sample Integration

<cfset TrackingURLs = new TrackingURLs()>

<cfset result = TrackingURLs.getTrackingInfo(Form.TrackingNumber)>
<cfif request.isURL(result.url)>
       <cf_newlocation url="#result.url#">
              <p>Sorry. Tracking number "#EncodeForHTML(Form.TrackingNumber)#" seems invalid.</p>
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GitHub Project

GitHub logo JamoCA / TrackingURLs

A ColdFusion CFC to parse & identify ship tracking numbers.


A ColdFusion CFC to parse & identify ship tracking numbers.

TrackingURLs = new TrackingURLs();

cfparam(name="Form.TrackingNumber", default="");

result = TrackingURLs.getTrackingInfo(Form.TrackingNumber);

if (request.isURL(result.url)){
} else {
    writeoutput("<p>Sorry. Tracking number "#EncodeForHTML(Form.TrackingNumber)#" seems invalid.</p>");

writeOutput("<p>isFedex = #TrackingURLs.isFedex(Form.TrackingNumber)#</p>");

writeOutput("<p>isUSPS = #TrackingURLs.isUSPS(Form.TrackingNumber)#</p>");

writeOutput("<p>isDHL = #TrackingURLs.isDHL(Form.TrackingNumber)#</p>");

writeOutput("<p>isS10 = #TrackingURLs.isS10(Form.TrackingNumber)#</p>");

writeOutput("<p>isOnTrac = #TrackingURLs.isOnTrac(Form.TrackingNumber)#</p>");

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"Sounds interesting! Could you provide more details or perhaps a brief overview of how the jrs tracking example URLs ColdFusion function works? Thanks!"

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James Moberg

The ColdFusion TreackingURL CFC doesn't currently support "JRS Tracking". Are you requesting support that support be added? If so, I'll need to see a pattern of their "Philippines JRS Express Tracking number / Airbill No / OR Number / BC number" in order to add support. Are their tracking numbers distinct from other services?