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Sergey Gustun
Sergey Gustun

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I create open source betting calculators

Hi, my name is Sergey and I like three things - programming, betting, and esport.

Now if I have free time, I create open source betting calculators/arbitrage/live dota2 generator links on dotapicker, etc.

Check it and get feedback, thx for attention!

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I'm idea hunting Sergey so I have a question. Say I want to have people bet on a certain event happening or not. What would be the best way to set the odds for the bets? In your betting-savvy opinion.

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Looks neat Sergey. Will donate a bit if it works as intended! Haha

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Sergey Gustun

Thx, Danny!

Oops, donating is not necessary, you just need to update the page to get new data and I was able to find a fork in the bid

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