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Gastón García

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Gatsbyjs tutorials for real beginners?

Hello everyone. I'm aware of, but I see that there's not that many content being added there.

I'm wondering if any of you have found or written a tutorial for real beginners. Most of these videos assume you already know half of what you're doing.


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Tyler V. (he/him)

Part of that is because Gatsby is an extension of React, so there's a base assumption that you're mildly familiar with React and/or JS to begin with.

If you're a true beginner to JS, I'd recommend starting with learning JS, then moving to React and/or Gatsby.

If you meant that you're a beginner to Gatsby, I'd recommend starting with their tutorials, then reviewing the tutorials from LevelUpTuts.

For me, Gatsby was my introduction to actually using React and helped solidify my understanding of components and I've found Gatsby to be a lot of fun to use!