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Gaurav Chaddha
Gaurav Chaddha

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Making my own startpage using HTML/CSS

This week I learned HTML and CSS from Thinkful Frontend development course included in Github student pack. I always wanted to have a cool browser startpage, so I went ahead and coded one myself using HTML/CSS I had learned. It took me about 5-6 hours to create my first startpage. Here is how it looks.

I also had to deploy a small server to serve the startpage to Firefox because I wanted the link to look better than "file:///". So some quick Google searches lead to a small startup server script. I then use that server's address and port as my home page in Firefox.

Care to share yours?

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Ben Halpern

So some quick Google searches lead to a small startup server script.

May I ask what this was?

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Gaurav Chaddha

I could set a local file as my startpage but I really disliked the link coming as "file:///". While searching for ways to do this - somebody suggested to start a local server to serve the startpage. So I made a small python script after some Google to start a local server at port 8000(I'll post the python code later when I'm home. It simply used httpd server). Then I made the startpage it was serving as my home tab in Firefox. Finally I added the command to startup applications in my Ubuntu installation to make sure the server gets started after the boot-up.