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Gaute Meek Olsen
Gaute Meek Olsen

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Firestore, get collection with async/await

Today I Learned how to get all documents in a collection in Firestore with async/await and for...of by using the .docs property.

Firebase documentation has examples with .then to get the result from a Promise.

const logCities = () => {
  let citiesRef = db.collection('cities');
  let allCities = citiesRef.get()
    .then(snapshot => {
      snapshot.forEach(doc => {
        console.log(, '=>',;

But it can be written easier with async/await.

const logCities = async () => {
  let citiesRef = db.collection('cities');
  let allCities = await citiesRef.get();
  for(const doc of{
    console.log(, '=>',;

I think this is more readable, two less lines and .docs allows us to use for of.

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Marcos Donoso • Edited

two lines:

const cities = await db.collection('cities');
const allCities = await (await cities.get()) =>;
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thanks man, came in handy :)

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I have some questions regarding async. i have code that looks like this:
queryRooms = async () => {
console.log('line 231');
let recentQuery = await this.chatRooms.where("uidArray", "in",
for (const qSnap of {
let messagesRef = await this.chatRooms.doc(

for (const messages of {
I call queryRooms in my react app everytime I change the value of the dropdownlist that has teachers students can chat with. However, my problem is that console.log('line 231') is being ran every time that I change the state but then I don't receive the requested information. After a random amount of presses I finally get a weird looking data structure from the queryRooms function. Is there a visible flaw with my async/await structure?

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thanks for sharing bro

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Chris Dermody

helped me a lot with some async problems I was having - and much more readable. thanks for sharing!

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I am not able to console.log(snapshot) after await citiesref.get();