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Export or Import Issues from GitHub

GitHub CSV Tools now supports exporting issues!

  • Choose what columns you want in the exported CSV with --exportAttributes.
  • Export all the comments per issue with --exportComments

Importing issues via a CSV is also possible, just pass a CSV file like githubCsvTools myFile.csv.

To get started, just run npm install -g github-csv-tools and then export with the command githubCsvTools.


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Import and export GitHub issues via CSV

GitHub CSV Tools Build Status

Import and export GitHub issues via CSV


Prerequisite: Install Node.js, then run this to install:

npm install -g github-csv-tools

After install, githubCsvTools --help for info on how to use, or see below.

Instructions for exporting or importing:

To Import Issues

Currently imports title, description, labels, status (closed or open) and milestones.

githubCsvTools myFile.csv

To Export Issues

Option Default Notes
-f, --exportFileName YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss-issues.csv The name of the CSV you'd like to export to.
-a, --exportAttributes number, title, labels, state, assignees, milestone, comments, created_at, updated_at, closed_at, body Comma-separated list of attributes (columns) in the export**.
-c, --exportComments n/a Include comments in the export.

** List of all possible options for exportAttributes: url, repository_url, labels_url, comments_url, events_url, html_url, id, node_id, number, title, user, labels, state, locked, assignee, assignees, milestone

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Raul Jimenez Ortega • Edited

Great Gavin!! you saved my day :D. Repo starred!