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Query All Features from a Feature Service

When querying an ArcGIS Feature Service, there is typically a maximum number of features (records) that will be returned from any query – usually set to 1000. If you want to query for all the features in the service, ArcGIS REST JS does not currently do this (see this discussion) - you’ll need to make multiple REST calls to get them all. Use the package query-all-features to do this.

First install the package:

npm install query-all-features
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Then use it in your code. It takes as input the same object as the queryFeatures endpoint of ArcGIS REST JS.

import { queryAllFeatures } from "query-all-features";

    url: ""
}).then((results) => {
    console.log('results', results);
}, (err) => {
    console.error('err', err);
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You can also use it in NodeJS, in the browser via ES Modules (via CDN), and in the browser via a script tag. Here's a full code sample in action:

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