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Server Security For Beginners Pt. 1

So, you have a shiny new project and can't wait to jump on Digitalocean, Linode, or Upcloud to deploy a server instance and give the world a piece of your awesomeness? Wait! cause you're just as close to tears as my colleague who almost dropped a production database.

Like me, many developers aren't trained in the glorious field of cybersecurity and devops and can't afford an expert and so, we have to learn from youtube videos and online articles. There are so many opinions on what the best practices are when deploying a new server instance. Usually, you find the right one when it's too late.

I've compiled my experiences into one large series so you don't have to suffer as i did.

  1. Server Security for Ubuntu Server.
  2. Server Security for Centos/Redhat server.
  3. Server Security for Debien based server.
  4. Server Security For Windows Server(Maybe).

Click on the post you're interested in and let's get into it!
If you can't click on it, then I'm not done with the post. Go get yourself a cup of coffee and the refresh this post.

A caveat, I'm no expert, but what I shared above are the best methods that worked for me after getting hacked a couple of times.

Connect with me here:
Twitter: @gbemi_l_david
LinkedIn: GbemiLanre
GitHub: Nigeriancoder

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