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Szikszai Gusztáv
Szikszai Gusztáv

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DevBox 2.1.0 🎉

Hi 👋

This is a post about a DevBox release (2.1.0) 📦

DevBox is a desktop application / browser extension / web application of 50+ useful tools for developers 👷 like generators ⚙️, converters 🔀 and more.

This release brings 5 new tools and 5 new cheat-sheets.

CSS Shadow Generator

This tool allows you to generate CSS shadows (box-shadow) by using intuitive controls for light position, resolution, opacity and elevation:

Screenshot of CSS Shadow Generator Tool

Regexp Tester

DevBox now finally has a tool to test regular expressions which shows the matches and their positions:

Screenshot of the Regexp Tester Tool

JSON Explorer

This tool allows you to explore JSON files using a multi-column interface:

  • clicking an object or array in a column shows a new column with its contents
  • clicking a value in a column shows information about it on the right side

Screenshot of the JSON Explorer Tool

Structured Code Generator

With this tool, you can create the structure of data and populate it with fake data:

Screenshot of the Structured Data Generator Tool

Markdown to HTML

This tool allows you to convert Markdown to HTML:

Screenshot of Markdown to HTML Tool


Cheat-sheets for regular expressions, Redis, SSH, Subversion and URL Encoding were added.

For the full list of changes, check the changelog and the and website.

Let me know your feedback in the comments 🗨️ 🙏

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