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Base API: Periodic Jobs

Did you need to implement periodic jobs in any of your projects? If you did you probably used some kind of a scheduler like sidekiq or node-cron and you know that setting up a scheduler in any language can be tedious and get them running right is a hard task.

In Base you can now create scheduled webhooks in any of your projects to achieve the same thing easily and quickly.

What are scheduled webhooks?

They allow you to specify a HTTP request which will be sent at the pre-defined schedule - a CRON expression to be more precise.

ℹ️ If you don't know what a CRON expression is then you can read about it in this wikipedia article.

Setting up a scheduled webhook

Head over to and create a project.

Once you have the project, navigate to the Scheduled Webhooks section:

Scheduled Webhooks Dashboard

Then press the "Create One" button:

Create Scheduled Webhook

Fill out the details of the webhook and press the "Create" button:

Created Scheduled Webhook

And that is it! The requests will be sent to the given URL at the specified times.

Checking the runs

All of the requests are recorded for you and once the webhook runs a few times they can be viewed by clicking on the url:

Scheduled Webhook Runs

I hope this will be useful for some projects!

As allways let me know if you have any question or ideas, and stay tuned for more awesome features coming in the next few weeks!📻

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