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What are SEO services? 8+ Best SEO Services You Should Know

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What are SEO services? 8+ Best SEO Services

More than 55% of businesspeople have used SEO services since 2019. However, before knowing why you need to use SEO services, you must know where your buyers are looking for information when they are in cyberspace.

By knowing where your target market is looking for information, and knowing the algorithm of a search engine, you can build a good SEO strategy, and start generating sales or leads from SEO optimization.

Looking for the best SEO services? The best SEO services will have a positive impact on your website in the eyes of search engines, SEO services will optimize the On-Page and Off-page of your website so that it has the best position in search engines.

The Effect of SEO Services on SERPs (Search engine ranking pages)
Number of Search Engine Users

When internet users enter cyberspace, what they generally do is look for a new company, service, or even a product that they want to buy. Research from noted that around 93% of online activities started from search engines such as Google, Baidu, or Bing. Search engines are the most important thing for internet users because generally, internet users do not know the specific type, or name of a product, company, or even service they want to find.

Therefore, search engines are the starting point for all internet users when they want to search for something online.

Then, how do they know your business if your business cannot be found in some of the search engine results? The answer is very easy, your target market will never know the product you offer.

The worst-case scenario is that search engines will provide recommendations for your company's competitors' products who are already using SEO services, even when you currently have a product that is better quality than your competitors.

Search Engine User Options

The search engine that is a favorite of internet users when online is Google. More than 70% of internet users use this search engine to help them find information in cyberspace. Bing claims that about 4.5% of users search for information on their search engine, and Yahoo! is in the last position which only gets 2.5% of users.

This causes many SEO services companies to target the growth of their websites, and continue to improve their marketing strategies in the Google search engine.

But for an international market like China, you have to change the search engine placement for your business. China generally uses a search engine called Baidu. Baidu is the main search engine in China and has gained nearly 15% of the search engine market share which is the second-highest-ranking after Google.

Ranking System on Google

If your company focuses on the Google search engine in the SEO strategy plan, we recommend that you use professional SEO services, there are several things you should know about how Google implements a ranking system on its search engines.

Google generally uses more than 200 factors to rank a website, some of these factors are domain age, website usability, website page speed, errors in spelling or grammar, and frequency of publication.

With professional SEO services, they can help you to improve the quality of your website by ensuring your website meets the factors that are used as standards for Google to rank the website.

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