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Introducing Gelato’s Limit Order Library: DEX (Limit) Sells

Although commonplace on Centralized Exchanges, Limit Orders have yet to reach wide adoption from Decentralized Exchange platforms. The reason DEX UIs have been lagging behind on implementing this feature is deeply rooted in the limitations of the EVM that make it hard to automate users' trades while also upholding DeFi’s core tenet of being non-custodial.

Gelato now sets out to obliterate this barrier for Decentralized Exchange developers with our brand new limit-orders-lib and limit-orders-react npm package releases. These two libraries provide an easy one-stop solution for developers to hook up native Limit Orders to their AMM or other DEX of choice — in as little as 10 minutes! The smart contract components of the limit order system have been audited by Certik. The spectrum of tooling the library provides you with ranges from ready-made React Components for the quickest go-live imaginable, to React Hooks and, on the more customizable end, simple methods for interacting with the underlying Gelato Limit Order infrastructure. The library already works with well-known trading venues on Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom. Soon BSC and Layer 2s like Arbitrum will also be supported.

If you have any questions or you'd like to build with Gelato, we're here to help!

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