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Geoffroy Empain
Geoffroy Empain

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Meli, a Netlify-like platform for deploying static sites

Hi there 👋

We used to host our sites on Netlify, but our eyes fill with glitter when we hear open source and self-hosted 🎉. So, we built Meli, which essentially is a Netlify alternative that lets you deploy static sites and frontend applications with ease, featuring per-branch deployments, web/slack/mattermost/email hooks, an API, and a way to manage organizations, teams and sites easily.

We built Meli on top of Caddy, a very powerful HTTP server. We've used Typescript, Node (backend), React (frontend) and MongoDB for the database.

It's a beta, but you can install super easily with Docker Compose:

Check us out at 🚀

Looking forward for your feedback 😀

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