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How To Install Unity 2020.1

albertofdzm profile image Alberto Fernandez Originally published at genomagames.com on ・2 min read

In this article, you will learn how to install Unity 2020.1.0b13 (Beta) using UnityHub 2.3.2 to start developing games.

UPDATE: Unity 2020.1 is no longer in beta but you can still use this guide for stable releases


To install Unity, you will need first to install UnityHub.

Unity Installation

Now to install Unity start UnityHub and go to Installs section and then click on the ADD button. 00-UnityHub_2.3.2_Add_Install_Button

Then select the Unity version you would like to install, in this case Unity 2020.1.0b13 (Beta) and click NEXT. 01-UnityHub_2.3.2_Install_Unity_Panel_with_Unity_2020.1.0b13_(Beta)_selected

Check the box of Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 to install it as it will be the IDE you will be using for coding. 02-UnityHub_2.3.2_Install_Unity_2020.1.0b13_(Beta)_Panel_with_Microsoft_Visual_Studio_Community_2019_selected

You will have to agree to Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 License terms. 03-UnityHub_2.3.2_Install_Microsoft_Visual_Studio_Community_2019_Panel

After that, you will see a box with a loading bar meaning that the installation of Unity and Visual Studio is in progress. 04-UnityHub_2.3.2_Installs_Section_with_Unity_2020.1.0b13_(Beta)_being_installed

Once the installation completes, you will be ready to open or start a new project with Unity 2020.

Checkout Unity 2020.1 Manual "Installing Unity" Chapter for more info

Happy Game Dev! 👾

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