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Watchit - Open movies

A movie platform with a decentralized network approach.

Hi guys, for a few weeks some friends have been developing a movie platform with a decentralized network approach. We want to share it with the community. All are welcome to contrib.


For a long time watching movies has overwhelmed me, I am simply limited by my time to go to the cinema. I am a movie fan but a developer with very little time to travel hours to buy a ticket and see the "latest" release of my "favorite movie" (In the country that i live, the cinemas are located in the capital and I live in a province with a few hours away).

Somehow the internet today helps us to cope with some of these problems, the other problem is that the internet offers very few resources to see good quality movies and those who offer it do so with movies that are definitely not the "last" launch of my "favorite movie" (sarcasm).

For this reason, a team of friends with the same ideology and need decided to take this crossroads to search, collect and expose a safe resource with quality films (no lag please), and that is where Watchit was born.

Unlike any current streaming service, Watchit decentralizes the way you normally watch your movies, helping to solve this "time/distance" factor at the same time.

Today, having the ability to share information with each other (P2P) directly, is simply amazing to me. My friend can have the "Spiderman" movie and transmit it to my other friend 300 KM away and that he can instead transmit the last "Avengers" movie for me to see it comfortably in my chair happily, it is also fantastic. This collective entertainment methodology is amazing.

Well, in order to decentralize our films so that everyone can have access to them, we resorted to incredible tools such as IPFS and OrbitDB, which allowed us to have created a DAPP (Decentralized App). In simple words, Watchit is an application that does not require external resources, but rather everyone helps everyone to make it work and this classifies it as a "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". We are all happy together :) yay!!

Watchit gives users control over the content network by welcoming enthusiasts or small studios who wish to have a platform without much "red tape" in between to promote or distribute their films.


Important note:
Some resources contain intellectual property or copyright so we consider that the content that is distributed through the application is the responsibility of its providers. The difference between these is that one provides legal public domain movies and the other versions may provides access to a database containing a wide variety of movies some containing copyright. We only provide access to public domain movies.

The real goal is to entertain but also to show the potential of decentralized networks, so whatever the goal, you will love Watchit!

The films used as examples in this article were included to feed the context, we do not promote copyright infringement.

How we built it

Where can i find the project?

Watchit App | Awesome Orbit | Awesome IPFS

More info:

Special thanks to @aphelionz, @brokoli and @vasa-develop for their contributions to this article.

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