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The Purpose of College

University education is often related only to obtaining the degree and academic knowledge that comes along with it. The majority often does not even try to understand the concepts that college education might bring along. People are simply satisfied to live with the common opinion. However, it can be changed, provided we use a different approach to the role of college education for students and graduates.
First of all, college education offers a lot of options for the personal development of the students as individuals. For example, many colleges believe that intramural sports competitions should become obligatory. They give an opportunity to get together and communicate, expressing and sharing opinions, experiencing something new about the college life and learning to communicate with people in general. An ultimately important skill of communication is developed. Even if the student is extremely good in studying; the acquired knowledge has to be applied later in the real life. A person lacking communication skills obviously will not be able to show the level of the intelligence; as well as to gain the opportunity to get to the top of the society hierarchy. In other words, college education allows students to become smart and intelligent; moreover, be able to prove their skills and abilities to the rest of the world. Communication is required in everyday life including home, family, business, and entertainment. People who do not have good communication skills might simply be left behind the rest of the crowd. These skills are essential during the college life, as being a communicative person allows students to access way more available options during the college years. Building one’s career is also impossible without an effective communication, perfectly developed and exercised on the daily basis.
Cal Poly Pomona University is one of the places which offer education in many different fields of study. It has a lot of secondary features that actually make it what it is. It pays great attention to the academic knowledge of its students in the first place; but the administration never forgets about such aspects as student free time entertainment, interpersonal communication and raising of the leadership qualities in students. This is being completed by means of numerous programs and projects, possessing social, academic or volunteering character. For example, successful students who get good grades in class are encouraged to volunteer and share their knowledge with other people. Doing this for free and especially on the voluntary basis is an important step to the development of students’ personality. Being academically successful and volunteering for the sake of the local community or some organization helps developing strong personal qualities of the future leaders. It does not matter if the student needs to work on improving the personal skills or they come easy, as the final result is the most important. Students may become a source of support for each other; as by doing this, they build their own characters and evolve in all aspects. At the same time, leadership skills may become very important during the study process. Students, willing to participate in some additional activities in college and going beyond the standard curriculum can prove their leadership knowledge this way. They have an opportunity to become involved not only in execution of the activities, but in creation and coordination as well. Changing the role of the student from the regular participant to the actual coordinator of the event is essential for his or her confirmation as a successful leader of his social group.
Students learn to manage the time efficiently during the study at college. They start with the simple things, like coming to classes on time, submitting the written assignments before the deadlines in order to avoid any sorts of penalties and so on. This way students practice their own time management and learn how to be always be on time; thus, getting an advantage over the rest of people who do not know how or do not want to manage their time in a proper way. Another important quality one may and should develop is the disciplinary learning, i.e. students should be able to acquire, analyze and use any sort of information. Finding the possibility to apply the information in the real world is one of the crucial skills in modern world. Nobody will be able to present themselves properly without applying the crucial data that is always required. Person’s inability to prove the point and provide the information to complete the argument might lead to the unwanted consequences.
Cal Poly Pomona University offers a variety of opportunities for the self-development for the future students. It allows them to form communication skills and shape them during a number of classes, followed by field projects and practical application of the acquired knowledge during the internships. Communication skills cannot go alone without the strong leadership qualities. Cal Poly Pomona University offers a unique chance for every single student to develop their leadership skills and display them during different class discussions, intramural activities, campus events, and volunteering. Future leaders may become experts in any field of knowledge, and this will help them to create and develop various projects to help the community of their towns, states, etc.
College education gives the opportunity to former high school children to grow and to develop by acquiring all the skills and abilities required for the real life. After all, college is not only about academic knowledge. It helps to get to know the life the way it is and be ready to become a member of the community and taking up a leading position to ensure the happy life of the future generations.
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