Why to migrate from AngularJS to Angular?

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There's tons of posts out there explaining "how", but not so much justifying "why" beyond the "oh, it's new, it's cool, just move on".

Consider existing projects, much of them medium to large in size and importance. The investment was already done. There's so much tooling and solid project standards that has evolved though time, just like the community around.

They deliver value to users that don't know what's AngularJS nor Angular, React or whatever.

So, beyond the "it's cool" hype, why should we consider migrate existing AngularJS projects to Angular (or anything else)?

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Performance wise, Angular 2 seems to be a lot better than AngularJS. This article shines a light onto the peformance issues that AngularJS has: auth0.com/blog/more-benchmarks-vir...

My personal opinion is that I prefer the way Angular 2 is structured, and I prefer Typescript, also.


It's a good article, but I ask you: Does it matter if one car goes 99mph and another goes 102mph when the street's limit it's 45mph?

Putting in User's perspective: is it relevant if one framework renders in 50 ms while another renders in 35 ms, when User doesn't perceive it?


From the standard user perspective, with good/fast network, maybe it won't really matter. But with people with bad connections, it can make quite a difference. I live in South America, so internet connection here is quite bad. Again, my personal opinion, after working with both, I find Angular 2/4 quite faster than JS on slow connections.

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