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Discussion on: Ask the engineering manager: career development paths in tech companies from junior, through senior, to staff

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Gergely Orosz Ask Me Anything

Hmm, this seems like a pretty vague question. Engineering managers, who are already thinking of how to "level up" their engineering team are already doing something right.

I hope this means they are delegating well, setting a vision, helping the team and its members be more autonomus, and the like.

The biggest mistake I could think of is not looking for feedback from the team and team stakeholders. A "leveled up" team should have better output from the perception of both the stakeholders, and the team members. Blindly making what a manager would think of improvements, without observing how they work, will probably not help.

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Edoardo Tenani

Sorry for having been vague, the answer is along the line of what I was expecting.