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Discussion on: Which Techie Are You?

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Gergely Polonkai

A little bit of each, i guess.

  1. I listen to music all the time, and i sometimes do some moves, regardless of my position (sitting or standing).
  2. I have some pens, pencils, papers, even a Wacom tablet i occasionally use.
  3. Two of them. One cat is always in my lap as soon as i sit down.
  4. Our dogs live outside, but on sunny days i often sit in the backyard, sometimes at near the stream under the big trees. And then they are always there.
  5. It may sound strange together with artsy and mom, but itʼs true.
  6. Father of two here. I donʼt think i need to say more on this front. Also, such gifts are never ugly. They are always the best pieces of art a kid can make at a given point. Plus, kids always give presents to express their love towards you.
  7. OK, iʼm not into nail polish and stuff, but i learned from my grandfather that you should always look good, even at home.
  8. My father is a bibliophile. I guess i inherited some of this.
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Erika Heidi Author

Wow, amazing! Or should we say.. BINGO! :D