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Hari Haran😎
Hari Haran😎

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For the love of Open Source

Everyday we need some tools to get our work done, like noting things, sharing collaborative items, tracking work, chatting with people and hosting applications on the cloud. All these are the most wanted areas of Software industry and we are paying the commercial companies with either in terms of our data or money.

Today I have a curated list of amazing Open source ❤️ products that you can use instead of the commercial ones.


Writing notes is very important in IT Life, be it to making API documentation to sharing and storing our thoughts on a digial and easily accessible manner. Here are some of the most popular applications and services that we use.

Instead of these commercial products try using any of the below open source projects. All these products are FREE and are mainly focused on privacy.

Project Management

Being it supply chain or processing transactions every company does have a tool to keep track of the projects. Here are some commercial tools in current trend

Instead of the above try switching to any one of these open source project management tools.

Team Chat

Chatting and communicating work between people who work from various offices and parts of the world. Communication is very important. Here are the current trending apps

Instead try any one of the open source projects for communication.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting your application in the cloud is also a important factor in software development. Without cloud services we won't be able to ship products and services to clients seamlessly. The current trending apps

Instead here are the open source FREE cloud hosting services that are available.

If you are still reading I hope this list will definitely help you in choosing the right tool for the right job. Thanks for reading. 🙏
Stay tuned for more amazing lists 📃📃

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Too many choice can make it hard to decide, and make me go for best promoted and probably best supported, rather than most free. Time is the most valuable thing, and I wouldn't want to waste time trying to find support.

Also, we all know that infrastructures aren't free. There needs to be funding somehow, and getting voluntary sponsors aren't easy. Lock-in / bound-by-contract is easier.