🐹 Create, develop and manage your projects through an accompanying graphical user interface.πŸŽ‰

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This awesome tool allows developers to graphically create a new project, live monitor app performance, add templates to project, and more. This is a pretty big deal, as getting familiar with this tool can make spinning up and maintaining any type of application.

Advantages and use cases

  • Manage your local projects
  • Configure your application without messing up the config files
  • Install templates


You can install it using the installers below :

Distributions available for Linux, macOS, Windows.

git clone https://github.com/Routine-App/Routine.git

Move to the appropriate directory: cd <YOUR_PROJECT_NAME>.

Run npm run routine in order to start Routine project.

Now you can go to localhost:8080 and see your app!

Supported Templates


Routine has a few requirements you should be aware of before installing:

Feel Free to contribute on GitHub : https://github.com/Routine-App/Routine

Thanks for reading! you can support the Routine project directly by r giving it a star on github
GitHub: https://github.com/Routine-App/Routine


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