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Hello, we're Stream and we proudly support CodeLand!

tessgordon18 profile image Tess Gordon ・1 min read

Hello! We're Stream, helping you build scalable activity feeds and in-app chat messaging in a few hours instead of weeks.

We provide product teams with everything that they need to add activity feeds or chat to their app. This includes a UI kit, scalable APIs, frontend components for React, React Native, Flutter, iOS or Android, integrated machine learning/AI, and a management dashboard.



Stream enables our customers to get to market faster, grow without worrying about scalability, and ship a higher quality user experience.

Here at Stream, we are all about sparking new ideas and encouraging collaboration. We deeply value the developer community, as we learn from and contribute to it every day. Therefore, we proudly support CodeLand and its efforts to create and provide networked learning opportunities in this space.

Come work with us!

We are hiring! There are tons of open positions at Stream right now, and we will post many more in the future as we continue to grow.


Check out these open roles:

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Stream is an API for building scalable activity feeds and chat/messaging


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Good Morning, I am Mohammed Chowdhury. I graduated with a computer science degree from Queens College, City University of New York, and I am currently attending a full-stack Java Bootcamp. I am expected to graduate this October, and I am seeking a software engineering role.


I will be graduating from a Software Engineering bootcamp the end of October! Stream looks like an awesome place to work!


Hello Stream team! Excited to see you here at CodeLand. Recently learned about your involvement in HIPAA compliant chat apps and as previously a healthcare worker, I find this incredibly relevant. I would love to contribute and collaborate with Stream! Currently seeking a Jr. dev position and looking forward to learning and building together. Would love to get in touch.
My LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hanny-kishawi/


Hey Stream, great to see you here!

I'm a software developer.

Kindly check out my profiles

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ileriayo-adebiyi-0...
GitHub: github.com/Ileriayo/ileriayo


Hi Stream, your APIs seem like the kind of thing that could be useful in my future projects! I'll definitely keep Stream in mind.

You can check out my website (jason-manuel.com); I'm looking for internships for next summer.


Hey! My name is Kristina, I'm currently in a full-stack Java bootcamp (TechHire Open code), I'll be graduating in October-November and I'll be happy to connect with the Stream team after that to see if I could somehow contribute to your projects based on the skills and abilities I have. I love how international you are and I speak 4 out of your 11 languages, so I'm sure we'll find ways connect :) Here's my LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kristina-zakharova... and my GitHub: github.com/zakharovakr


Hi, Tess! Looking forward to learning more about Stream. It looks really amazing and I'm super pumped about everything you all do.


Hmmm..just what I need to add to my app project..a chat/messaging feature or a feed! Excited to learn how with Stream!


Just a heads up, I think the Stream URL at the top is wrong? it should be getstream.io if I'm not mistaken.