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Keeping Your Fork Up-to-date

When you fork a repository, you are creating your own copy to manage. Development will continue on the main repository so your fork may fall behind.

Today's quick lesson:

Keeping your forked repository up to date with the main repository


  1. Clone your fork
    $ git clone[user]/[repo].git

  2. Add the upstream
    $ git remote add upstream git://[user]/[repo].git

  3. Get the latest upstream
    $ git fetch upstream

  4. Bring your fork up to date using merge OR rebase
    (pick one, you can read more about the differences here)
    $ git merge upstream/[remote-branch] [local-branch]
    $ git rebase upstream/[remote-branch] [local-branch]

Done! šŸŽ‰ Your local fork is now up to date. For future updates, you will only need steps 3 and 4 as you have already established the upstream.

I hoped this helped you. If there are other quick tips you'd like, or more in depth topics you'd like me to cover, leave a comment or reach out to me,

Thanks for reading! šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’»

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ajcwebdev profile image

Not gonna lie, when I want to make a PR for something I forked awhile ago I usually just blow it away and re-fork, so this is actually really useful for me to know! Thanks!