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MacBook Pro, how to select discrete graphics card or integrated graphics card

Apple only provides an option to let them choose the best graphics models while you're running on battery.

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But sometimes, many times... actually, I really need to be up with battery longer than 3-4 hours. Discrete graphic is one of the most battery consuming in my MBP. So, occasionally, I need to find a way to shut it off. (It may sound silly that you paid for a high performance graphic card, and you want to shut it off 🤧)

Did some quick research and found a command (from

# Always use the integrated graphics card while running on battery power
sudo pmset -b gpuswitch 0
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gpuswitch has 3 options

0 - use integrated graphics card
1 - use discrete graphics card
2 - automatically switch between discrete and integrated graphics card (default option)

-b - battery
-c - plugged
-a - both battery and plugged

Hope I could be up with battery a bit longer...😥

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