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Stupid Project Idea - Text mode Tinder

Do you know the moment when you say some stupid idea for a joke and then it sticks with you?

A text only, terminal, tinder client with ASCII rendered pictures and keyboard controls.

It's stupid and I MUST WRITE IT!

If you want in on the fun, let me know.

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Gil Blinov

And THEN the idea started mutating.

I signed up for Tinder* (me and my wife are together for 14 years, so I didn't really know how it worked - just the picture - swipe thing) and after a couple dozen swipes it started to get boring.

How many women in bikinis that have no bio can you see before they start looking the same?

What if instead of pictures, the swiping would be done on answers to questions?

Sort of like OkCupid but instead of seeing and considering the entire profile, it would be done on an answer by answer basis.

With the answers randomised, the profile of a person would be built slowly.

Anyway, just an idea for now.

  • Yes, I made it clear in my bio I'm not in the market. I might be slightly crazy but not a creep. 😜
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Ben Lovy

actually I love this

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Ben Sinclair

I don't think that's stupid. Not any more "stupid" than tinder anyway.

Do it.