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Calling out developers for help fighting COVID-19 in India

We have made an app to Geolocate Covid Resources

Covid Find

Most of the similar apps we found did not geolocate the resources, making it tough for people to find the nearest help. We are getting our data from government websites and is updated hourly.

Currently, we have a few cities and states. We will be continuously adding more cities as well as resources.

If you would like to help out in this initiative and know the following stack :

  • Web scraping: Beautifulsoup, Pandas, Requests
  • Backend: Flask
  • Frontend: Next.js + TypeScript + Chakra UI

Please join the Discord server to join the initiative.

Feel free to check the github repo here.

Rohith Gilla

P.S: Stay home, stay safe and get vaccinated if your turn comes.

P.P.S: Let me know if you want to know about how I built the frontend of the application, will be more than happy to write a blog post on that.

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