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Rohith Gilla
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DO Hackathon: Web Application

Welcome bac

This is my favourite part hands down. I love application development.

After I made my data sit in the firebase. It is time to wire up the front end.

The killer, amazing, question to every developer who starts working on a project.

Which framework to use?

What to use JavaScript vs TypeScript?

What state management solution to use?

What middlewares to use?

and many more.
mind == blown

It happened to me too. Coming to framework React was my choice because I like it.

Right from the moment, I started using dart, my love for typed languages increased. You can also see that in my previous post, I have used types even in python 😋.

The best part about a hackathon is experimenting. I heard a lot of amazing things about Typescript, never got a chance to code in this combo React + TypeScript. So I have decided to give it a try.

Now the first two questions have been answered. Moving on to the next one, state management. I decided to use redux. Came across this amazing toolkit and this beautiful and friendly template template from the official reduxjs repository.

Coming to the middleware part, pretty much standard setup.

  • redux-logger
  • redux-persist
  • redux-batch

Redux toolkit uses thunks for asynchronous actions. I was inclined to use rxjs observables but since this works out of the box, so preferred it.

The search in the application leverages the amazing concept called Fuzzy Logic.

MVP design as shown in the introduction post.


Companies part

Companies ss

Products of that company

Products ss

See ya

Edit: Thanks for the amazing response. I missed to include the github repository.

Had to create an exclusive repository for the web application because DO doesn't detect in folder web application.

Overall Repository

Peace ✌🏻
Rohith Gilla

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Bobby Iliev

Looks great so far! Keep up the great work! 🤘

Btw, what program do you use for those drawings:

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Rohith Gilla

Hey thanks a tonne Bobby for the appreciation 🎄

You would probably be shocked to know which app it is but here it is

“Apple Notes”

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Bobby Iliev

Oh lol :D I would never have thought of that! Looks great, though! I will definitely give it a try 🤘

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Rohith Gilla

iPad + Apple Pencil is one of the best combo 👌