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DO Hackathon: Introduction

I was startled by the hackathon timing and my dad's business requirement.

We own a business that distributes medicines to the retailers.

One of the primary concern what business faces is when a new client comes in and wants to buy products from the business the main thing they ask for is the product list. The product list is like a menu card when you visit a restaurant.

Traditional way:
From the past few years when the business faces the situation, they tackle it by sending the excel sheet to the client.

But the concern is that not all clients are tech-savvy enough to open an excel sheet and search for the products they want.
Many clients started asking to send in a different format and the business team decided to send it in the PDF format. That's when this caught me, I asked what do you do if a new product is added or a new company is added?
That's when I got the idea to built for them, a searchable product list.
They are impressed by the idea and were looking forward to it.

My initial plan for the MVP is as below 👇

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Peace ✌🏻
Rohith Gilla

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This looks like an interesting concept and i'll watch here as you progress through. I've created my entry for the #dohackathon also. My app also uses firebase for storage. If you get a chance, take a look and let me know what you think. Good luck in the challenge.

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Rohith Gilla

Thanks a lot, raddevus. Your entry seems really interesting.
All the best for the challenge.