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Next Js Super Starter

"Build in a weekend, scale to millions"

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This template is heavily inspired by the above tagline, this is the tagline used by

This super template helps you save a lot of time by directly diving into feature development.

This Super template consists of

  • Next JS
  • Supabase
  • PWA support
  • Chakra UI
  • Redux Toolkit

Next JS is the template of choice when the app will scale to the moon, it also has the best SEO in React Applications.

Supabase is an opensource firebase alternative, their tagline says all about them "Build in a weekend, scale to millions"

The super template comes in with inbuilt PWA support out of the box, so you are ready to ship

It comes in with redux-toolkit for state management.

  • Offline mode
  • Desktop App
  • Mobile Application
  • Notifications

You will be receiving all future updates of the template.

It is for free, you can find the template here

Rohith Gilla

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