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Discussion on: How little we know about software development?

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Giorgos Kontopoulos 👀 • Edited

Great write up, I could not agree more with the essense of this post.

For a while I was embarrased to say that I did not know something since I am almost 2 decades in this industry but the more you learn the more you understand that there is always something that you don't know but you need in your current task. The more you build software you understand there is not a true way of doing things and that it is probably dangerous to pretend of knowing the ONLY/TRUE way.

There are some people in this industry in decision-making positions that will make you feel bad for not knowing something or that will impose their way into your solutions and hence programmers are mostly prevented to explore new ways of doing things and in a way it is understandable. If it works why explore something new.

Even with all the inneficiencies of our ways as an industry we have managed to create programs that control the fate of mission critical processes (space industry processes for example) but yet we still don't know a whole lot. Software industry is an infant compared lets say to Civil Engineering which have been studying and building structures since the early history but they are still improving their craft year after year.

Your post is along the same lines of the conference talk from Bret Victor: The Future of Programming

And I think this post captures also the essense of Socrates

Thanks for the effort and reminder where are standing.

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stereobooster Author

Talking about "Civil Engineering"