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How and Where to learn Python

Hello Fellows,
I am a Ruby on Rails/React/Full-Stack Developers. I want to learn Python, searched only , watched few videos on YouTube but I thought I would ask dev community. I have faith in you people to guide me properly. So please tell me how and where to learn Python. I am mainly going to focus on web development but eventually I would like to move into data analytics and machine learning. please guide me.

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Nic Fox

For the data analysis, I recommend a learning platform called DataQuest. You can do a lot of their courses for free and the courses are “hands on” learning by doing, with each course ending with a mini project you can do to practice your skills. I’ve done some myself and found them really helpful. They have a Python Data Analyst path:

Pandas is a really useful python library for data analysis and I don’t think I’ve ever written any data analysis python code without it. So look out for resources about Pandas.

Another essential python library worth learning about early is numpy (which pandas is based on)

Some books you might find useful:

Pandas For Everyone

Python For Data Analysis

If you’re on Twitter, there’s a helpful community of python data people. The hashtag #PyData can help you find people who can help and local communities.

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I recommend Corey schafer, Tech with Tim and Clever programmer, all youtube channels

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Matt seymour • Edited

A couple of tips. Firstly,

  • My advice (for all programmers in any language) is to do the following; when you find yourself going down a rabbit hole.
    Regularly stand back from the code and ask yourself "there must be a better way".
    Get into a habit of asking yourself this with everything you do. It will help you learn and be a better programmers.

  • Python has a fantastic standard library and the devs who have written it over time have thought of many use cases and edge cases. There should be few instances where common problems cannot be solved within the standard library. Read the standard library and learn the common areas of this (its skill and knowledge for life). The standard library is very well documented and contains some examples (its very useful).

  • Just get stuck in; don't get caught up in courses and books. Courses and books are good (for basics), but no one has ever said "Oh, I solved this problem from a course I went on once". Just get stuck in you learn 10x more from experience and mistakes than courses and books.

  • Finally, have fun. As soon as it stops becoming fun take a break. We have all been there for hours to find it was a stupid mistake. "Regular breaks, break silly mistakes".

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I Am A Hacker

I know i am not that much a pro on guiding people the right way but i thought i might as well share the course i have created for python..

If you are interested in learning here is its link..

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Pranava S Balugari • Edited

I am a rails developer too. I am working on my Python and Go skills :). My goal with python is to mainly use it to write utility scripts and apis.

With Python i started with frontend masters basic and intermediate courses which i think are the best place to get a hang around symantics.

I would recommend courses. I have first hand experience with them and definitely helped me to work on a API project at my work.

They have courses around API's and building apps with React. I am sure you gonna find that site helpful.

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Here is cheatsheet.
It is easy to learn.

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Matthew Segal

Give this mini-course on GitHub a look, you might find it useful:

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Sai Kiran • Edited

There is a free full course in Udacity called Intro to computer science, it is in python. This is the best to get started.

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Adrian Perea

How would you describe your current Python skill? I think it wouldn't be too hard for you to get into Python given your experience